Volume V Issue II

[July 2022] [Vol. V] [Issue II]


AI, Author, Amanuensis [Pages 1-32]

Wee Liang Tan and David Tan

Rolling in the Deep: NFTs interfacing in the Metaverse and Intellectual Property [Pages 33-43]

Udita Kanwar and Sourav Dan

Assessing the Compatibility of the TRIPS COVID-19 Waiver Decision with International Investment Law: An Intertextual Perspective [Pages 44-66]

Emmanuel Kolawole Oke

The Potential Role of 3D Printing Technology in Enabling Local Entrepreneurship: To What Extent Patent Law Poses a Barrier [Pages 67-82]

Muhammad Zaheer Abbas

Copyright and the Principle of Exhaustion in the Context of Access to Knowledge [Pages 83-96]

Shrudula Murthy