Volume I Issue 1

[January 2017] [Vol. I] [Issue I]

From the Editor’s Desk [Pages 3-5]

Saahil J. Dama


Software Patents: Dead or Alive? [Pages 7-9]

Utsav Mukherjee


IP in a World without Scarcity [Pages 10-60]

Mark A. Lemley

Colombia – A Place where you could be sentenced to Two Years in Jail for Plagiarism: A Crime that does not exist! [Pages 61-72]

Marcela Palacio Puerta

Exhausting Patents: Understanding the Conflicting Notions [Pages 73-89]

K. M. Waziri & O. F. Awomolo

Just Keep Calm & Carry On: The Impact of Brexit on Intellectual Property Laws in Britain and the European Union [Pages 90-130]

Alexandra George


The Significance of the Data Exclusivity Debate and its Impact on Generic Drugs [Pages 131-141]

Srividhya Ragavan