Volume II

[January 2018] [Vol. II]


The Journey of Geographical Indications in India: Lessons from Rajasthan [Pages 4-7]

Gargi Chakrabarti


Intellectual Property Protection for Fame, Luxury, Wines and Spirits: Lex Specialis for a Corporate “Dolce Vita” or a Good Quality Life? [Pages 8-29]

Irene Calboli

Justifying Group Intellectual Property: Applying Western Normative Principles to Justify Intangible Cultural Property [Pages 1-58]

Harshavardhan Ganesan

Jurisdiction in Trademark and Copyright Infringement Actions in India post-IPRS: Interpretations and Conclusions [Pages 59-83]

Eashan Ghosh

Implementing a Sui Generis Regime for Granting Collective Rights to Legitimate Holders of Traditional Knowledge in Ecuador [Pages 84-98]

Catalina Vera Moscoso

Killing Me Softly: The Slow Death Of Long – Arm Jurisdiction In Intellectual Property Cases In India [Pages 99-115]

Abhilasha Nautiyal & Aditya Gupta