The Journal of Intellectual Property Studies is a bi-annual, student run academic journal published by National Law University, Jodhpur. The Journal was established in 2016 and primarily deals with contemporary developments in the field of intellectual property and related laws.

There are very few journals in India discussing at length topical issues in the field of intellectual property rights and hence, the journal’s objective is to fill this void by becoming a platform where ideas can be exchanged and in turn hopes to enhance discourse on intellectual property rights between policy makers, practitioners and scholars. To achieve this, the journal solicits articles from a diverse pool of authors comprising of scholars, practitioners and students.

The Journal subjects all articles to a rigorous peer-review process prior to publication.
The Journal also benefits from the guidance of its illustrious board of advisors who help the journal attain its objectives. The Journal stands by the ideals of open access to scholarly works, the Journal will be published online and made available for everyone to read and cite freely.

Volume II Issue 2

This issue is available here. The featured articles are as follows:

  • The Global Patent System Needs A Revision, Significant and Soon- Abhishek Pandurangi
  • Case Comment: Christian Louboutin Sas v. Abubaker & Ors.- R. Parthasarathy  
  • Safe Harbour Immunity for Internet Intermediaries and IP Violations: Where We Stand Today and the Way Forward?- Aditi Verma Thakur and Anju Srinivasa
  • Data Rights 2.0: Shifting Sands of Usage Rights in User Data-  Abhinav Shrivastava
  • Does Trade in Disembodied Knowledge Promote Trade in Goods?: Some Empirical Evidence for Middle-Income Countries after the TRIPS Agreement- Sami Rezgui  
  • Seeking a Proper Approach to Transformative Use of Copyrighted Works- Mukul Rani Parajuli 
  • Traditional Knowledge and India’s Backbend on Yoga- Rashmi Raghavan  

Volume II Issue 1

This issue is available here. The featured articles are as follows:

  • Obscenely Subjective: Adjudging IP Eligibility Of Obscene Inventions And Works –Tanmaya Negi & Yogitha Ramu
  • The Curious Case Of Traditional ‘Cross-Cultural’: Difficulties in Provenance, Fencing and Intellectual Property Protection – Mandavi Singh 
  • Redefining The Complexities Underlying Claim Construction – A Pre & Post Markman Analysis – Gunjan Chawla Arora
  •  Reasonable Royalty Rates: The Quintessential Determination In Indian Standard Essential Patent Infringement Suits – Sripada Yashwant Prasad
  • The Crime Of Copyright Violation In Brazil: Application Of The Criminal principal Of Social Adequacy – André Luiz Pereira Spinieli
  • Obligations under Article 39.3 of TRIPs: The Data Exclusivity v. Data Protection Debate in the Indian Context –Sakshi Pawar & Smriti Bhaskar

Volume I Issue 2

This issue is available here. The featured articles are as follows:

  • The Journey of Geographical Indications in India: Lesson from Rajasthan –          Gargi Chakrabarty 
  • Intellectual Property Protection for Fame, Luxury, Wines and Spirits: Lex        Specialis for a Corporate “Dolce Vita” or a Good Quality Life? – Irene Calboli       
  • Justifying Group Intellectual Property: Applying Western Normative Principles to Justify Intangible Cultural Property – Harshavardhan Ganesan
  • Jurisdiction in Trademark and Copyright Infringement Actions in India post-IPRS: Interpretations and Conclusions – Eashan Ghosh                                                             
  •  Implementing a Sui Generis Regime for Granting Collective Rights to Legitimate Holders of Traditional Knowledge in Ecuador-   Catalina Vera Moscoso
  • Killing Me Softly: The Slow Death of Long – Arm Jurisdiction in Intellectual Property Cases in India – Abhilasha Nautiyal & Aditya Gupta

Volume I Issue 1

Our inaugural issue, available here, featured the following articles:

  • IP in a World without Scarcity –  Mark A. Lemley
  • The Significance of the Data Exclusivity Debate and its Impact on Generic Drugs – Srividhya Ragavan
  • Just Keep Calm & Carry On: The Impact of Brexit on Intellectual Property Laws in Britain and the European Union – Alexandra George
  • Software Patents: Dead or Alive? – Utsav Mukherjee
  • Colombia – A Place where you could be sentenced to Two Years in Jail for Plagiarism: A Crime that does not exist! – Marcela Palacio Puerta
  • Exhausting Patents: Understanding the Conflicting Notions – K. M. Waziri & O. F. Awomolo