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We are pleased to announce the release of Volume V, Issue I of the Journal of Intellectual Property Studies.     

[January 2022] [Vol. V] [Issue I]


The People’s Vaccine: Intellectual Property, Access to Essential Medicines, and COVID-19 [Pages 1-74]

Matthew Rimmer

Halfway on the “Stairway to Heaven”: An Analysis of Copyright Protection for Musical Works in the Ninth Circuit [Pages 75-113]

Sankalpa Koirala and Ridhima Bhardwaj

Civil Liability in the Processing and Protection of Personal Data by AI Applications in Europe And Brazil [Pages 114-136]

Bruna Werlang Paim and Lukas Ruthes Gonçalves

The TRIPS Waiver: Texts, Context and Politics at the WTO [Pages 137-155]

Shantanu Singh

Copyright Protection of Indigenous Cultural Expressions of Music in India: Need for an Access and Benefit Sharing System [Pages 156-170]

Jeevan S Hari and Jayshree S Shet                                                                        

Drone Journalism and Copyright: An Analysis of the Duo under Indian Copyright Law [Pages 171-182]

Anjana Gopinath