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Volume I Issue 1

From the Editor’s Desk

Saahil J. Dama


Software Patents: Dead or Alive?

Utsav Mukherjee


IP in a World without Scarcity

Mark A. Lemley

Colombia – A Place where you could be sentenced to Two Years in Jail for Plagiarism: A Crime that does not exist!

Marcela Palacio Puerta

Exhausting Patents: Understanding the Conflicting Notions

K. M. Waziri & O. F. Awomolo

Just Keep Calm & Carry On: The Impact of Brexit on Intellectual Property Laws in Britain and the European Union

Alexandra George


The Significance of the Data Exclusivity Debate and its Impact on Generic Drugs

Srividhya Ragavan


Volume I Issue 2



The Journey of Geographical Indications in India: Lessons from Rajasthan

Gargi Chakrabarti


Intellectual Property Protection for Fame, Luxury, Wines and Spirits: Lex Specialis for a Corporate “Dolce Vita” or a Good Quality Life?

Irene Calboli

Justifying Group Intellectual Property: Applying Western Normative Principles to Justify Intangible Cultural Property

Harshavardhan Ganesan

Jurisdiction in Trademark and Copyright Infringement Actions in India post-IPRS: Interpretations and Conclusions

Eashan Ghosh

Implementing a Sui Generis Regime for Granting Collective Rights to Legitimate Holders of Traditional Knowledge in Ecuador

Catalina Vera Moscoso

Killing Me Softly: The Slow Death Of Long – Arm Jurisdiction In Intellectual Property Cases In India

Abhilasha Nautiyal & Aditya Gupta

Volume II Issue 1


Obscenely Subjective: Adjudging IP Eligibility Of Obscene Inventions And Works

Tanmaya Negi & Yogitha Ramu